Apr 12, 2011

Smartphone Users Are Avid Gamers

A new survey from PopCap Games is highlighting how mobile usres have become  gamers in recent years.
The survey was concudcted amonst American and British adults with the finding that approximately a quarter of those surveyed had played a game on their phone within the past week. PopCap says this means they are 'avid' gamers although I'm not sure whether the survey actually looked at continuing patterns or just one game played within a week.
Unsurprisingly the figure baloons to 83% when the survey is restricted to just smartphones. Of the smartphone users some 45% say they play a game on their device every day. As I said it's hardly surprising given the massive growth in mobile gaming over the past two or three years and of course the parallel growth in hardware, which is now more capable than ever of running relatively high-end games on mobile devices.
Interestingly though 55% of smartphone owners say they use their smartphone to play games most of the tim compared with 22%, less than a quarter, who say they do most of their gaming on their computer.
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