Apr 12, 2011

Microsoft Ups Marketplace Free App Limit To 100

Microsoft have relaxed their rules on free apps (opened the floodgates some might say) by allowing developers to now submit up to 100 free apps instead of the previous limit of 5 apps.
In the past a developer had to stump up $20 if he wanted to have more than 5 free apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. That may seem restrictive, and it is I guess, but with good reason because you only have to look at both the iPhone and Android to see copious amounts of crap in their app stores. Many an app is essentially useless, just there to garner some ad revenue dollars and quite frankly a waste of space in terms of its usefulness to the end user.
The Windows Phone Marketplace is much newer than either Apple's App Store or the Android Market and hasn't reached the stage of having hundreds of thousands of apps, but it is growing quickly and with Nokia now onboard the pace of growth will likely pick up further.
It isn't necessarily a bad idea to raise the limit though because even though crapware is bound to creep in there are also plenty of great devs out there who can potentially use this opportunity to get more superb apps out to users. Sadly the latter is almost certainly going to be outnumbered by the former.
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