Jan 22, 2011

Toyota Entune in-car infotainment system (video)

Toyota Entune infotainment system hands-on
Toyota's still the biggest auto manufacturer in the world, handily trumping GM and Ford, and with the Prius celebrating its 10 year anniversary it's clear the company can certainly lead the industry when it wants to. Not so much with advanced infotainment and smartphone integration. There the company has been lagging behind the competition, Ford's SYNC and the like, but now it's making a big step forward with Entune, and it chose this year's CES to do it. Hit read more for details and a video!

Hanvon brings world's first color E Ink reader to CES

Hanvon is aiming to fill the chasm between monochromatic e-readers and color LCD-based tablets at CES this year with its all-new color e-reader. It features the famed 9.7-inch color E Ink panel, the first of its kind, and offers the rather spectacular resolution of 1200 x 1600. We managed to spend a few precious moments with a prototype unit and were impressed by the solid and thin construction and the excellent viewing angles on offer. Hit read more for details and a video!

ArtPro Nail Printer V6.1 - Really! (video proof)

Say hello to Guangzhou Taiji Electronics and their ArtPro Nail Printer line. You put a couple of white base coats on, stick your hand inside, align the desired image to your nail, and hit print -- and an inkjet head (we saw a Lenovo cartridge inside) goes to work. A few seconds later, you're ready to seal the deal with clearcoat. A simple idea, well-executed and highly satisfying. Video of our experience inside the future of the beauty industry after the jump.


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