Jan 17, 2011

Gorilla Glass at CES 2011

We would like to share an interesting advertisement of Gorilla Glass we saw at CES this year! Hit red more for more pictures!

Wireless Media Stick: stream your content to anything with a USB port

Ever wanted seamless wireless integration and synchronization of all your data on all your devices? That includes your PC, Xbox, PS3, Blackberry, Android, iPhone etc. Heres the gadget for you! The Wireless Media Stick is an interesting little product that aims to bring media streaming to pretty much anything with a USB port. This USB stick has built-in WiFi, so you connect it to your network and can plug it into pretty much anything with a USB port that can read a mass storage device. Hit read more for details.

PixelOptics emPower! Electronically controlled eyeglasses!

For all those who have worn eye glasses for the better part of their lives! This could be the biggest breakthrough since the creation of prescription eye wear. PixelOptics is demoing what it claims is the most significant development in prescription eyewear in 50 years: emPower! PixelOptics' glasses offer up better field of view and less distortion than traditional lenses by sandwiching an LCD-like layer in the glass that can be focused with an electrical charge. The set's inbuilt micro-machine accelerometer detects when you tip your head down -- when you read, for example -- and triggers the glasses' focal area for presbyopia. The emPower! lens can also be set to manual and is then activated by a swipe of your finger on the frame.Hit read more for details.


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