Jan 7, 2011

Motorola announces Atrix 4G with 1GHz Dual Core Tegra2, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and much more!

Motorola Android flagship was named ATRIX 4G and labeled as the gadget to usher in a new era of mobile devices. I am not sure about the new era, but it certainly turns a new page. It is one of the first Android smartphones with Nvidia Tegra2 inside (a dual core processor of 1GHz for every core). Specifications are quite impressive and this gadget will be a benchmark for the first part of 2011. So meet 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of in-built memory coupled with microSD memory cards of up to 32 GB. For the first time an Android powered phone gets a qHD resolution (quarter HD or 960х540) screen. It boasts 4″ and offers a picture similar to that of Apple iPhone. The handset also has an HDMI jack to support 1080p video playback on external devices and all these features were shown during the press conference. Hit read more for details about many of the other features of this device!

Nanopore DNA sequencing technique promises entire genome in minutes!

Scientists refine speedy nanopore DNA sequencing technique, entire genome in minutes or your money back

Those vaguely affordable DNA tests that promise to tell you just how likely you are to be stricken by some horrible and unavoidable genetic affliction in the future? They only look at a tiny fraction of the bits and bobs and bases that make up your genetic code. There's a race on to develop a quick and inexpensive way to sequence a human's entire genome, a process that costs thousands of dollars now and takes ages but, via the technique under development at Imperial College London, could be done in a few minutes for a couple of bucks in 10 years. Hit read more for details.

BenQ rumored to debut 10.1-inch R100 Android tablet in early 2011

Chances are that we'll find out for sure next month at CES, butPC World has it on authority that BenQ will be throwing its hat into the overcrowded Android tablet ring early next year. Hit read more for details.

Microsoft plans Windows for tablets

The market was agitated by a report from Bloomberg, which claimed that CES will be used to launch a tablet version of Windows, also available for devices with ARM processors. We don't know any technical details and Microsoft initially planned to adapt Windows 7 for tablets, but it didn't happen. Hit read more for details.


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