Jan 13, 2011

We have upgraded the look and feel of our blog!

We have changed the look and feel of our blog. Please let us know how you feel about the new look and any suggestions you might have in the comment section below!

Video - 8mm Vintage Camera app will make your vids look older, more retro

The new app, called 8mm Vintage Camera will add dust particles, scratches and age for you in seconds via a fun set of 'unique' filters.It's available for $2 in the app store right now for iOS devices. You know you want it. Video demo after the break.

Researchers eavesdrop on encrypted GSM call: all you need is a $15 phone and 180 seconds

It's hardly a fresh idea -- researchers have claimed that GSM calls could be cracked and listened in on for years. But there's a difference between being able to do something with a $50,000 machine and a warrant, and being able to do the same thing with a few $15 Motorola phones, a laptop, open source software and 180 seconds of spare time. Hit read more for details.

European standardization bodies formalize micro-USB cellphone charger standard

It's been more than a year since Nokia, Apple, RIM, Motorola and just about every other major cellphone manufacturer agreed on a micro-USB cellphone charger standard for Europe, but the two key European standards bodies have just now finally followed up on their end of the bargain. CEN-CENELEC and ETSI have today published harmonized standards for a universal cellphone charger based on micro-USB, which has now put the ball back in the manufacturers' court to actually produce phones that rely on the newly standardized chargers. According to the European Commission, the first of those are expect to arrive sometime "in the first months of 2011," and it expects the chargers to be "predominant" within two years.


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