Jan 24, 2011

Future of Mobile Gadgets - When Gadgets Talk in Their Sleep

Imagine a world where your gadgets can talk to each other and exchange information to benefit their owners. Maybe you are selling something and someone walks by who wants to buy it for example. Their are infinit possibilities for such a technology that todays gadgets have the power to implement. Nintendo has taken a step in that direction but even if it fails to deliver, someone somewhere (Apple?) will make this software seamless for end users and will open a whole new ball game in the mobile sphere! Hit read more for details.

LG Optimus 2X dual core smartphone goes on sale in Korea

Behold world, the first Dual-Core smartphone from a major manufacturer is set free into the wild! Yep, LG's not only stolen a march on Motorola in introducing the world's first dual-core smartphone, it's also about to beat Apple to the white handset punch as well. The 1080p-recording, Tegra 2-wielding Optimus 2X is now available in its home market of South Korea and, if LG stays true to its roadmap, should be filtering through into Europe before this month is out. We don't know if its white variant will ever escape the clutches of Korea (and we sure hope it does), but it should be making its bodacious debut over there in February.


In 2008 Rolls-Royce bucked trends when it reported the most sales ever in a single year of 1,212 cars. Then, in 2009 sales dropped to just 1,002 cars before climbing dramatically by 171 percent to 2,711 cars sold during 2010 to easily cement the year as the best-ever for the company in its seven year history since renaming itself from Rolls-Royce Motors. Hit read more for details.

Video - Samsung shows flexible and transparent displays

Sammy seems to be particularly excited about this one, demonstrating on video that it's shatter-proof by bashing it repeatedly with a sledgehammer -- compare that to the inevitably disastrous consequences of dropping an iPhone onto concrete, and they've already won us over. Although the company still has some manufacturing challenges to overcome, commercial interest seems to be strong and they'll eventually be on the market (though not in 2011, sadly). Hit read more for details.

LG's Thinq automated oven, refrigerator, and washer / dryer are the future now

Ah, the connected home... the ultimate Jetsonian fantasy that refuses to come true. LG's doing its best to change that with its Thinq lineup of connected appliances announced and demonstrated for the first time here in Las Vegas. The details of connectivity and interoperability are scarce but we do know that the appliances support both WiFi and ZigBee connectivity in order to communicate with each other, your in-home smart meter, and with smartphones when outside of the home. So far, LG has announced four Thinq devices including a vacuum, fridge, oven, and washer and dryer pair. That's a pretty strong foundation to build from especially if your home is already equipped with ZigBee devices like automated light switches, window controllers, and locks. Hit read more for details and the video!


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