Mar 6, 2011

Video - HTC Freestyle for AT&T

Last time we checked in with the Freestyle back at CES, we couldn't turn it on -- but things are a little different here at our luxe meetup in San Francisco this evening. Honestly, the phone looks and feels great, doing a great job hiding its Brew MP-based, not-quite-smartphone underpinnings; pricing is still a concern, but the month-to-month dumbphone data is a bonus, and you've still got a full HTML browser plus a capacitive display at your disposal. Check shots below -- video after the break!

Video - HTC Merge

HTC just rolled in to set up for our San Francisco reader meetup tonight, and what's this? They brought a brand-new HTC Merge with them. No one's talking about what carrier this interesting Android slider is going to launch on yet, but that Verizon-red earpiece and search button aren't exactly coy. Apart from that, it's pretty much exactly the device we've seen leaked all over for months now -- a really nice landscape Android slider with a solid keyboard. More pics in the gallery, and a video after the break!


As part of its plan to offer a hybrid version of each vehicle in its European lineup,Toyota unveiled a hybrid version of its all-new Yaris hatchback today at the Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the standard European-market Yaris model, Toyota says the Yaris HSD concept “incorporates hybrid-specific styling cues and new, forward-looking design elements.” A new front fascia with larger inlets and larger 18-inch aerodynamic wheels are the biggest differences over the standard Yaris. Like most concept cars, this one is also swathed in a unique paint scheme and has some non-production styling items like LED lamps and camera rearview mirrors. Hit read more for details and pictures.

ASUS' Jerry Shen pledges 3D tablet, MeeGo and Android netbooks, plus a 2012 Windows Phone

ASUS (A-seuss) CEO Jerry Shen is rarely a man without a good quote or two for journalists and this year's CeBIT has been no exception. Sitting down for a chat with some Russian scribes, Shen outlined ASUS' general product roadmap, which includes a 3D tablet (the iPad 2-threatening secret weapon, perhaps?), Atom-based netbooks for both MeeGo and Android platforms, and a Windows Phone device that should be with us next year. An aside from his PR aide Mae Wang also states that ASUS aims to be second in the tablet market by 2012, with a giant five to eight percent market share. We're sure the Apple board are all shaking in their hemp sandals right now.

Nokia Backup Explorer Lets You Browse and Export .nbu Files

Nokia PC suite and Ovi suite users can  their contacts, calendar entries, messages and bookmarks and store it as a file (.nbu). User can then use the backups to restore their phones or import contacts/calendar entries/messages and bookmarks into a new phone. What if you wanted to use the contacts or SMS from that backup and transfer them to Android? Well here is how you can do that!
Nokia Backup Explorer is a handy  which will allow you to easily browse the Nokia Backup files (.nbu) without having to install PC suite on their computer. Hit read more for details.

MeeGo Coming To N900 Says Nokia

Nokia is to bring it's Linux based MeeGo operating system to the N900 in an effort to allow for it to be "... really usable as your daily development device" according to Jukka Eklund, developer edition product manager.

He went on to say that "Basic handset UX should work, phone calls, SMS, web browsing. So we are concentrating on a few selected features and polish those to be 'perfect'. It might mean that we leave out some things in MeeGo 1.2 trunk for this edition, but that is not the default intention. We are doing this fully in the open, and I hope this is an interesting project where we all in the community work towards the same goal: have a great MeeGo edition in the N900".

MeeGo has pretty much been relegated to the sidelines ever since the announcement that Nokia would be partnering with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7 so I guess it is nice to see that there is still some life left in it.

iPad 2 launched in Pakistan by for Price 69,990/-

It was just one day since iPad 2 was launched by Apple when Pakistan's leading online retailer offered it for sale. The price is set to  PKR 69,990 which is a good bargain considering the sheer specifications of the device which we have already mentioned. So please go on and place the order for the iPad if you want it by the 17th of March! Good luck! Hit the source link to place your orders.


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