Jan 1, 2011

iPhone alarms not working come New Year's Day 2011

We're not exactly sure of the cause of this fancy new issue affecting Apple's super cool iPhone line of cellphones, but apparently you've got trouble come 1/1/2011. According to an explosive stream of frustration-filled tweets on the Twitter microblogging service, when the clock strikes midnight, one off alarms will cease to sing out. The issue sounds eerily similar to recent Daylight Savings Time trouble we witnessed back in November, although we saw both repeating alarm and single alarm failures.

So how can you fix this potentially life-ruining problem? Hit read more for details.

Article - An iPhone Lover’s Take On Windows Phone

Here is an interesting piece I found on TechCrunch about Windows Phone 7 written from the perspective of an iPhone owner. Hit read more to find the article!

Forbes - 2011: The Year Android Explodes!

All the bells and whistles that you have heard in the past few months over 2010 about the phenomenal success of Android is just being called the foundation for the actual meteoric rise of the platform by Forbes. Go ahead and read an interesting article I found on TechCrunch that talks about the rise of Android and the possible consequences it will have on Apple! Hit read more for the full article.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone to be called 'Xperia Play'?

We just caught wind of a Sony Ericsson EU trademark registration for "Xperia Play," and SE PR firm Jung Relations has registered a variety of Xperia Play domain names, including XperiaPlay.com, .net, and .org. Yes, that certainly sounds like a promising name for the PlayStation Phone (although not quite as promising as, you know, "PlayStation Phone,") but honestly we wouldn't bet on anything at this point. We've got a feeling we'll either find out either at CES or at MWC in February -- hold on tight.

Motorola Mobility Acquires Cloud Storage Startup Zecter

Could Motorola be feeling the heat from HTC's successful cloud service HTCSense.com?
Motorola subsidiary Motorola Mobility has acquired cloud storage startup Zecter. Y Combinator-backed Zecter is best known for developing cloud streaming and storage services ZumoDrive and ZumoCast. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but we hear from sources that Motorola is buying all of Zecter’s products, technology and the team including founder David Zhao. Hit read more for details.


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