Nov 30, 2010


Audi has taken the wraps off a new track-only TT model. Dubbed the Audi TT GT4 concept, the coupe is largely based on the range-topping TT RS and is aimed at private racers.

No Angry Birds For Win Phone 7 Until 2011

Those hoping for a release of Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 before Christmas are in for a disappointing time as Rovio have announced that it's unlikely the game will launch on that platform this year.

BlackBerry Empathy Design Concept!

Empathy is the bizarre outcome of of a RIM-sponsored design project at the Art Center College of Design.
Hit the read more link for the video!

Google Earth 6 Brings Integrated Street View And 3D Trees. Yes, Trees. 80 Million Of Them!

There’s an easy way to tell that Google Earth is getting so advanced that it’s getting dangerously close to looking like actual Earth: touted new features are kind of humorous. While version 4 brought the sky, and version 5 brought the oceans, now version 6 is bringing trees. Yes, trees. I fully expect version 7 to highlight the addition of dirt. Hit the read more link for details, pictures and a video!


Not to be outdone by cross-country rival BMW, Mercedes-Benz is said to be working on an eco-friendly supercar of its own.BMW green lighted a production version of its Vision EfficientDynamics concept earlier this year.
According to Autocar, Mercedes’ green supercar will closely mirror the Biome concept that was penned at the automaker’s California design studio. The Biome was a low-slung, futuristic coupe designed for the Los Angeles Design Challenge. Hit the read more link for more details.


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