Feb 10, 2011

Motorola XOOM Likely To Have 'Premium' Price Tag

The Moto XOOM tablet is increasingly looking like it will have a hefty price tag when it launches, probably somewhere in the £700 region (approx 825 euros).

Online retailers are already offerring pre-orders for the XOOM at prices above £700 and Andrew Moreley, Moto's vice-president for International Marketing wasn't doing anything to suggest that such prices will be anything but normal for the XOOM:

While we haven't announced the price, the Motorola Xoom is clearly a premium device with premium pieces inside. This will show in the cost too - however, at the price level [it will be launched at] we believe it will be successful.

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BlackBerry Balance details emerge: available in two months' time, coming to PlayBook too

If you're champing at the bit to separate your work life and personal life into two distinct, impenetrable entities, RIM's got your back: it turns out that the Balance product announced a few days ago will be available in just a couple months' time. In a recent chat with Retuers, the company's senior VP of business and platform marketing revealed that Balance is already in testing with carriers ahead of a wide-scale launch -- and furthermore, it'll be available on the upcoming PlayBook as well. As a refresher, Balance seeks to let you do all your personal stuff on your BlackBerry while still giving the IT suits in your office unfettered access to the secure stuff -- corporate email and the like -- which means you can carry a single device (as long as you're okay with that one device being a BlackBerry) where you might have previously carried two. Of course, if you've got a phone and a PlayBook, we suppose you'll have two devices anyhow -- but regardless, at least you'll be able to Facebook your face off without corporate security getting in the way.


Hands-down the Motorola Atrix was the most impressive cell phone at this year’s CES. Being something completely new the table, the game-changing phone has been the talk of the internet. However, we still do not know officially when we will see the device. But, according to a leaked slide, Bell Mobility may launch the device on March 17th. Hit read more for details.

Sony Ericsson Arc detailed Video Preview

We have already discussed Sony Ericsson's new flagship phone the Arc. Heres a detailed video of the same.

Is this Nokia's tablet-shaped MeeGo device?

Consider this little slice of photography uncorroborated for now, but we just couldn't ignore a device that's ostensibly running MeeGo software while sporting a bold Nokia logo front and center on its shell. This mysterious slate has cropped up over at the mobile-review forums, where amateur sleuthing has already noted that the landscape centering of the Nokia logo is atypical -- both the N97 and N900 have it off-center -- which may well suggest this is a landscape-centric tablet first and a phone second (if at all!). Assuming the brand name imprint is the same size as on the N8 (Nokia loves to standardize those), we could be looking at a 4.5-inch screen on what is either an internal test device, or, more optimistically, a prototype for actual hardware. Hit read more for details.

HTC profits leaping and bounding up, Peter Chou promises tablet and production expansion

HTC's fourth quarter of 2010 has gone exactly the same way as the first three: the company reports a 160 percent rise in profits (to $500 million) year-on-year and a 31 percent increase relative to Q3 2010. Total revenue for the final three months of last year rounded the $3.5 billion mark, having been a trifling $1.4 billion the year before. Company CEO Peter Chou sees no end to this dramatic growth, forecasting it'll remain in double digits through 2011, and he plans to match up to it by doubling monthly production capacity at HTC's Shanghai plant to two million handsets. If necessary, he says he'll even outsource manufacturing. Even more intriguing, however, is Chou's admission that HTC is strategizing an entry into the tablet realm: "It's a new market with many competitors, and we don't want to rush into it." Hardly a surprise, but good to have it from the horse's mouth.


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