Feb 10, 2011

Motorola XOOM Likely To Have 'Premium' Price Tag

The Moto XOOM tablet is increasingly looking like it will have a hefty price tag when it launches, probably somewhere in the £700 region (approx 825 euros).

Online retailers are already offerring pre-orders for the XOOM at prices above £700 and Andrew Moreley, Moto's vice-president for International Marketing wasn't doing anything to suggest that such prices will be anything but normal for the XOOM:

While we haven't announced the price, the Motorola Xoom is clearly a premium device with premium pieces inside. This will show in the cost too - however, at the price level [it will be launched at] we believe it will be successful.

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It's that last part of the quote that raises some questions because the tablet market is becoming increasingly crowded. The Samsung Galaxy Tab launched with a fairly high price, but given that the market was composed of pretty much just it and the iPad it could get away with that. With manufacturers all jumping on the tablet bandwagon price is going to be an increasingly important consideration.

The LG Optimus Pad is thought to have a lower price than the XOOM, for example, even though the specs are similar.
Moto might find that it has to cut its profit margins on the device somewhat if it expects its premium product to be a premium success.

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