Feb 1, 2011

BMW gets Nokia C7 car remote control

BMW gets Nokia C7 remote control, James Bond can eat his heart out (video)
Imagine driving your BMW using an App on your Nokia phone! Life doesn't get any better than that does it? At CES and the NAIAS in Detroit this year we saw ever more powerful smartphone integration, but nothing like this. Nokia Asia teamed up with two Chinese coders, An Jiaxuan and an unnamed friend, to whip up a C7 app that controls a BMW 1 Series. They said it took them only 20 days to get things ready but we're thinking adding the remote controls to the car itself must have added some further time to that. The result is in the video below, a short test drive that Nokia promises "isn't special effects." See for yourself and let us know if you spot a meatbag driver hiding in there somewhere. Hit read more for the video.

NVIDIA shows us Tegra 2 gameplay on Atrix 4G and Optimus 2X (video)

We can't imagine how this might have slipped your attention, but LG and Motorola used this year's CES to roll out the smartphone world's first dual-core devices in the shape of the Atrix 4G and Optimus 2X. Both are built around NVIDIA's 1GHz Tegra 2 chip, which has been the most popular thing out here in Vegas after the free food and shuttle rides (Moto even has the Droid Bionic, a 4.3-incher bound for Verizon, using it). But what does that extra core matter to you? Hit read more to find out!

LG 3D smartphone display

You can't have all this 3D stuff happening on the home entertainment front without it trickling down to smartphones, right? Sharp's already planning to bring its autostereoscopic wares to US shores at some point during 2011 and today LG's busy showing off a prototype of its own, right here at CES. It's a 4.3-inch panel, pumping out glasses-free 3D (using the parallax barrier method) and is presently embedded in an enormous demo box, but the ultimate goal is to have it in media-centric handsets. To be honest, yes, there's some glasses-free 3D effect going on, but for the most part we just noticed the two frames splitting and didn't find the video before us enhanced in any major way. The best parts might even have been the ones that didn't have any 3D-ification applied to them -- the display on show is certainly a lucid and bright one. Skip past the break to see what we're talking about in a video.


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