Jan 26, 2011

SPB Nokia to Android migration tool!

For all those who have shifted from Nokia to Android from any manufacturer and are finding is hard to shift your data from your old device to the new one, this is the easy to use software for you.  SPB felt the trend of 2011-2012 and now offers an instrument for migration from Windows Mobile and Symbian (S60 3rd Edition, 5th Edition and above including Symbian^3) to Android phones (starting with 2.1).
How does it work? Visit www.migratetoandroid.com to choose your current phone and the new one. Then you will be offered to download an app ($9.95) to your Android model and you will be able to transfer your calls list, contacts, messages and other info onto your new model. It can be done with the help of a memory card or online. In the second case you will require Internet access for both devices with all data encrypted without any prior registration. Hit read more for details.

Samsung WiFi-enabled RF4289 fridge cools, eats and tweets; we go hands-on

Other brands may view networked fridges as the key to going green, but it seems Samsung is more interested in letting users access Pandora or tweet while grabbing a snack. At least that's the impression we got from its staff while playing with the RF3289 fridge at CES, which the brand touts is the first of its kind to feature integrated WiFi. To be fair the unit provides a few pragmatic features too like the ability to view Google calendars, check the weather, download recipes from Epicurious, or leave digital notes -- though we'd have been more impressed by functions such as remote temperature adjustment or food spoilage alerts. We also found that the stainless steel exterior made reading the 8-inch LCD touchscreen screen difficult from more than a few feet away. Otherwise, further details on the software and definite pricing are nonexistent at this point, but we do know the appliance will be available to cutting-edge Canadians sometime in May.

MultiTouch Ltd's 46-inch panel accepts unlimited touch inputs (video)

MultiTouch Ltd has been at this IR-based multitouch thing since 2007 and it's hit CES in force this week. Sure, the current 46-inch model requires 12 inches of depth -- in order to provide sufficient space for the infrared cameras embedded in its back to capture the whole  surface -- but having unlimited touch inputs is always a wildly impressive sight. We put one of the displays to the test by exploiting a nearby crowd and slapping down a good 40+ fingers on it, all of which were recognized. Read on for details, pricing and a video.

General Motors takes us on a crazy test ride in the EN-V electric prototype vehicle (Video)

General Motors takes us on a crazy test ride in the EN-V electric prototype vehicle (video)
The streets won't be wide enough for vehicles in the future, parking garages tall enough, nor oil wells deep enough. We need something different, and GM thinks that something is the EN-V. Even though it still isn't the future we just got a drive in one, so read on for our impressions and video of the electric , self-parking wonder.


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