Jan 19, 2011

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series (Video)

Ever wanted a tablet and a slider in one sleek device? The unit you see, and the one being shown on the show floor here at CES, is still pre-production, but even so the sliding mechanism worked pretty smoothly. That's not to say it doesn't still feel delicate, but it actually auto-slides open once you start to push up the screen. As you'll see in the video, it's a rather exhilarating process, although, we were slightly worried that the back of the screen was going to shave off a keyboard key or two. Speaking of the keyboard, those smooth, shiny chiclet keys feel pretty good, though as you'd expect the layout is a little bit cramped. Hit read more for details and videos.

Ford Focus Electric and MyFord Mobile - Control your car with your smartphone

Imagine a service where you can be sitting at home and just look at the amount of charge on your car left and the amount of time left for the car to carge upto full. Also you could open the hatch, plan your routes and do many other things, all before stepping into your car! Ford just made some tire marks on the stage at CES unveiling its Focus Electric, the first new major vehicle announced at the show. We of course knew it was coming, and we have all the details right here of both the car itself and the MyTouch Mobile app, but we were given an opportunity to get up and close with them both. Click on through for some impressions -- both in visual and textual formats.

A look at BPG Motors amazing, transforming, self-balancing Uno (video)

A look at BPG Motors amazing, transforming, self-balancing Uno (video)
BPG motors is certainly thinking ahead of the curve! The Uno from BPG Motors is a tricycle that transforms into a self-balancing, two-wheeled... thing. It's gained a wheel since the last time we saw it, a front fork that folds in between the rear wheels and the whole thing starts balancing when you need to go through some tight spaces and then, when it's time to go faster (up to around 30 or 35mph) that wheel pivots out, the whole thing lowers, and away it goes. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to pivot the thing at the show, but we have a video of the transformation after the break.


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