Apr 23, 2011

Desire HD and HD2 try on Sensation's Sense 3.0 suit, needs some tailoring for it to fit

So you got all excited after seeing HTC's latest UI on the Sensation, but were dismayed to discover your hoary handset wouldn't be getting the same Sense 3.0 love? As usual, the folks at xda-developers have just the tonic for what ails you... as long as you own a Desire HD. Yup, a clever fellow by the name of capychimp took the Sensation's ROM and ported it to yesteryear's HTC European flagship phone. The port isn't perfect -- those who dive in will lose camera support and the images need some resizing to properly fit on the HD's 800 x 480 display -- but brave souls who hit the source link for the download still get all those mellifluous movements that Sense 3.0 provides. See all the smooth scrolling in action after the break. XDA-developers have also given the HTC HD2 a quick Sense 3.0 hug, along with Android 2.3.3 in a similarly incomplete custom ROM. 

Nokia X7 with Symbian 'Anna' now official on Three UK

So, it's official. The Nokia X7, unfit for a US launch, has finally found a home with Three in the UK. Theheavily leaked stainless steel handset runs an updated Symbian^3 "Anna" (aka, PR2) OS that finally introduces a vastly improved browser and portrait QWERTY with split-view data entry among its 50 new enhancements. Rounding out the specs are an 8 megapixel cam with dual-LED flash, 4-inch OLEDClearBlack display, HD video recording, and 256MB RAM / 1GB ROM with an 8GB memory card tossed in the box. You'll find the press release, video, and more pic after the break. Nokia tells us that the X7 features 720p video recording, and a 680MHz CPU -- presumably the same old (and we mean old) ARM 11 proc and found in the N8 and E7. Oh, and it's the same Broadcom BCM2727 GPU and 8 megapixel EDoF camera we reviewed in the E7. The X7 will be available in Q2 with a price set at €380 before taxes and subsidies.

Android & iOS Grab More Gaming Revenue

Android and iOS are increasingly gobbling up marketshare from the traditional portable gaming options according to new figures from Flurry and NPD. Back in 2009 iOS held a 19% share of portable gaming revenues, but a year later that figure had jumped to 34% whilst Android also entered the frey with a 9% share. That's bad news for Nintendo, which saw its DS's share of revenue drop from a very commanding 70% share in 2009 to 57% last year. Now to be fair the figures shown here are only for the current portable options and don't factor in newer options like the NGP and 3DS. Even so it does suggest an upward trend for smartphone gaming.
To put this into greater context though let's look at the overall games market in the U.S. Here we see a different story with the overall portable gaming revenue share (both smartphones and dedicated portable options) actually decreasing from 2009 to 2010; from 29% to 24%. That comes about as consoles increased their share of revenue from 71% in 2009 to 76% in 2010. So even if the likes of Android and iOS are grabbing more revenue from the portable market the overall games amrket is still very much dominated by consoles and if anything portable is losing out. Hit read more for another chart.

HTC Leakage: HTC Mazaa

It's a day for HTC rumours it seems with pictures of another purported handset appearing over at XDA Devs, this time the HTC Mazaa (yes it is a daft codename and you are right to mock it).  Sadly specs are for this handset are not in abundance, but current thinking is that the screen is 3.7 inches and will no doubt be a capacitive effort. There are three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen, the usual Windows Phone malarky e.g. back, home and search.
Turning to the back of the device there's a LED flash, a camera and an external speaker. Not much to go on, but the camera is supplemented by a front facing camera so expect video calling support. The chap leaking the images did mention the possibility that the handset would come with DDR2 (double rate synchronous dynamic RAM). If true then performance should be nippy to say the least.


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