Mar 23, 2011

Survey Finds Android Users Love The Little Green Robot

The world is awash with smartphone operating systems and whilst a lot of people don't care about them and are quite happy to use whatever is put in front of them there are equally a lot of people who very much do care about those differences. So much so that some users might be better described as 'fans' rather than users. Looking at this sort of behaviour British research firm ICM Research conducted a survey of 2,000 British adults using Android late last year and they have recently made their findings public.

One of the biggest questions to answer would be why people choose Android over other platforms. Answering that we have a wide range of responses from the 70% of people who said that Android offers better value for money than other platforms to the 48% who said Android is a better long term investment of their resources. 61% of those surveyed cited the wide range of handsets as a factor in choosing Android. Hit read more for details.

Google Says China Blocking Gmail

Google and China don't exactly have a great history together and in the latest twist Google has accused the Chinese government of blocking access to its Gmail email service. A Google spokesperson summed it up:

There is no issue on our side, we have checked extensively. This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.

Gmail users within China can apparently still login to their account, but they can't actually carry out tasks such as sending email or accessing contacts. In other words it's pretty much unusable. Hit read more for details.


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