Feb 4, 2011

Nokia Tipped To Announce Win Phone 7 Partnership On Feb 11th

Ever since Stephen Elop took over as CEO of Nokia speculation has been mounting that Nokia would jump onboard with a new operating system, with most of the speculation centering around Windows Phone 7. The rumors have come and gone repeatedly, but adding to the mix is a New York times article today that is suggesting an immininent announcement of a Windows Phone 7 partnership. Hit read more for details.

Motorola's Atrix 4G coming to AT&T on March 6th for $200, bundled with Laptop Dock for $500

On the same day that existing Verizon customers began pre-ordering the CDMA'd iPhone 4, AT&T has come clean with what's next on America's largest GSM network. While announced at CES 2011, pricing and release information had eluded the luscious Atrix 4G... until now, that is. Hit read more for details.

Vizio Phone (Video)

Just like its tablet big brother, the Vizio Phone is a sleek, lean, mostly black device which is handsomely and thoughtfully designed. The front is a dark, gloss black bezel, while the backside is covered in a soft touch material that almost feels like metal (though we think it's a harder plastic most likely). The display is a 4-inch LCD clocking in at 854 x 480 -- we're big fans of the slight resolution bump (think Droid), and even though this is an early, hand-built unit, the color balance and clarity seemed pretty top notch. Inside, the phone sports a 1GHz "plus" CPU, but just as with the tablet, Vizio reps wouldn't tell us who the maker was. Also as with the tablet, there's 4GB of storage onboard, a microSD slot, Micro USB port, and HDMI port. Continuing the trend, the phone will feature the same kind of IR setup, allowing you to use it out of the box as a universal remote. There's a VGA front-facing camera present, as well as a 5 megapixel shooter with flash on the backside. Hit read more for details and video.


The automaker’s “Fluidic Sculpture” design language is taken to a new level with the Curb, which is swathed in a soft white shade that masks many of its curves.

Curb rides on 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped in black and orange Michelin tires and its numerous LED lights illuminate sequentially. At night, the Curb badge illuminates through the vehicle’s one-off paint scheme. Hit read more for details and pictures.

Exclusive interview: Google's Matias Duarte talks Honeycomb, tablets, and the future of Android

We are excited to bring you this interview with Matias Duarte, the man behind webOS (as well as the Sidekick and Helio UIs), who's now heading up Google's user experience for Android. Matias is currently driving the interface and design for Android 3.0 (AKA Honeycomb), and it's clear that he's bringing his big, bold ideas to the Android platform. This is the first video interview Matias has done since leaving Palm, and Engadget pressed the man on his involvement in Gingerbread and Honeycomb, what had to be torn down in Android, how desktop OSs can inform mobile devices, and much, much more. Check it out below.

LG Optimus Black shows off its WiFi Direct skills on video

WiFi Direct, for those not paying attention in class, is a communications protocol for allowing devices with wireless radios to talk to one another and share files without the need for an intermediary WiFi access point between them. Basically, it's like blasting out an ad hoc wireless network, one that permits simultaneous file transfers to up to eight other WiFi Direct-capable machines. LG kindly gave us a peek at its implementation in the Optimus Black, and while things are still pretty rough and (not) ready, we got a decent idea of how they'll operate. Jump past the break to see for yourself.

Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface video!

Microsoft's Surface has been going around for quiet a while now but it keeps getting much better at what it does. Funnily enough, this concept was released way before the touchscreen devices became mainstream and Microsoft plans to get this thing in the market soon now. The "2.0 experience" firmware is early and a bit buggy right now (especially with finger input), but there's plenty of time fix that up before its launch later this year. The hardware itself is much thinner, with a 4-inch profile that can now be placed vertically against the wall (although we suggest using the stylish legs when possible). The 40-inch 1920 x 1080 gorilla glass display was crisp as all out, but since we could get close and scrutinize, you'll definitely notice the pixels. The first demo we got to see is also probably the most impressive, wherein a paper with "I can see" written on it is scanned and read very clearly (a dev monitor was hooked up to show what Surface could "see"). Meanwhile, we couldn't help but touch every point to watch the ripple effect emanate from our fingers. Hit read more for details and a video!


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