Jan 6, 2011

Nikon patent app details lens with manual and electronic zoom

For those who've attempted to shoot video on a conventional DSLR, they've most likely ran into one problem in particular: zooming. It's fairly difficult to manhandle a D3S under ideal circumstances, but try holding it steady while also keeping a firm grip on the zoom and focus dials. Without a camera rig, it's essentially impossible to get anything more than novice captures, complete with oodles of blur and more Jellyvision than you could shake a butter knife at. If all goes well, the next Nikkor lens you purchase may make the aforementioned tragedy just another comical part of history. Hit read more for details.

Pummelvision: What Your Life Would Look Like If It Flashed Before Your Eyes

Pummelvision does more than turn photos into video. Created by Vimeo co-founder Jake Lodwick, the service literally flashes your life before your eyes by pulling all your photos from Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr and exporting them to either YouTube or Vimeo. You also have the option of pulling from a single set if you’re using Flickr. Hit read more for details and a video.


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