Jan 9, 2011

Preview - Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola literally dropped a bombshell when they unveiled the Atrix 4G two days ago at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. This is a mammoth of a device. The announcement will leave the other manufacturers clobbering for better features in their phones. As with the Droid series and the Razr before that, Motorola seems to have  hit the jackpot once again. There is no doubt that this device will see tremendous sales as there is no other offering from other companies that can match is spec-wise for at least 6 months making it somewhat a tech enthusiasts dream device. Hit read more for the full article and new pictures and videos!

Video - Gaming on the laptop dock powered by Motorola Atrix 4G!

The Motorola Atrix is definitely one of the more impressive devices to launch at CES this year, but we've been wondering how stable that laptop dock is -- if the phone is prone to falling out it's really not much use at all. Well, worry no more -- we just watched a Moto rep boot up Need For Speed: Shift on the phone while docked up, and in addition to playing the game normally, he flipped the whole rig all the way over to show off how tightly the phone is docked while playing the game using the phones built-in accelerometer!

Placebos work -- even without deception

For most of us, the "placebo effect" is synonymous with the power of positive thinking; it works because you believe you're taking a real drug. But a new study rattles this assumption. Hit read more for details.

Racetrack memory closer to reality - 100 times more memory in your devices!

IBM researchers today revealed a previously unknown aspect of key physics inside Racetrack memory -- a new technology design which stands to improve memory capabilities within mobile phones, laptop computers and business-class servers. This new class of memory could enable devices to store much more information - as much as a factor of 100 times greater - while using much less energy than today's designs. Hit read more for details.

Nokia N8 earns its fashion wings, fills in for DSLR on magazine cover shoot

There's really no higher compliment a cameraphone can receive than when a professional team of photographers is blown away by the results they're able to achieve when using it, so Nokia's N8 gets a well-earned tip of the hat for shooting the December / January cover of South African photography mag PiX. In the team's own words, "we wanted to show that it is not the hardware that makes a good photographer but rather the technical execution of an idea" -- very true, we think, but it obviously doesn't hurt when you know your way around Photoshop and you're using just about the best-equipped camera on the smartphone market today. See the pretty stunning final result (and the making-of video) after the break. 


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