Mar 14, 2011

Unnamed Nokia Touch and Type slider leaks out

Nokia has said that it'll continue to push Series 40 hard as it transitions from Symbian to Windows Phone on the high end -- and some concrete evidence of that strategy has leaked out this week. This attractive little gadget appears to be a slider remake of the X3-02 Touch and Type launched late last year, combining a numeric keypad with a touch-enabled version of Nokia's mainstream dumbphone platform. The fact that they're concealing the keypad here seems to be a tacit admission that the UI is designed to be completely usable from end to end without hitting buttons, which is the way everything's going these days. The name of the new model is unclear -- if you zoom into the upper left of the image, it looks like this phone's got "C0" on it, which is the generic model number Nokia slaps on most of its prototypes -- but considering the shape, we wouldn't be surprised if it ended up falling into the C series.

Shocker! Android brings home more bacon than iOS for Pocket Legends developer

Back in 2009, there was a story on crack mobile developer Larva Labs lamenting its inability to make a living off top-rated games in the Android Market. Well, to put it lightly, it ain't 2009 anymore: the Android ecosystem has expanded exponentially in every conceivable direction, the Market has taken on tens of thousands of additional apps, and -- according to one research firm, anyway -- Android has now overtaken BlackBerry to become the most prolific smartphone platform in the US.

To that end, Spacetime Studios -- the company behind mobile MMORPG Pocket Legends, which brings in revenue through in-app purchases -- was shocked to discover that it's making some 30 to 50 percent more from its Android users than its iOS ones. Furthermore, they're spending more time playing and downloading the app with far greater frequency, which might be a testament to the fact that really great apps still stand out in the Market better than they do in the more mature (and more populated) App Store. The in-app purchase disparity is a little more difficult to explain, though -- especially since iOS has a slick, integrated purchase mechanism that Google won't be rolling out in Android for a little while yet. At any rate, the online mobile economy -- regardless of platform -- clearly still has some growing, maturing, and stabilizing to do.

Symbian UI overhaul scheduled for the fall?

While Symbian might be good as dead to most Engadget readers, Nokia must continue supporting the millions of S^ wearing faithful until it can fully transition to a Windows Phone smartphone shop in 2012. So we were interested to hear Marc Driessen, Nokia Benelux product manager, spill some details about a few previously unannounced Symbian updates for 2011. As you'll recall, S^4 as a product had been canned months ago, but the scheduled UI updates were still part of the Symbian roadmap. According to Driessen, Nokia is targeting a major UI overhaul in the fall, an update rumored to include a dedicated pull-down status bar up top; new iconography; new flexible widgets; a simplified navigation bar below; and better menus throughout that don't require a scuba suit to navigate. While Nokia HQ won't confirm the dates or details to us (we asked), the fall timeline does match with what we've heard elsewhere. Dutch site All About Phones is also reporting that a smaller update for N8 and E7 users might come as early as this summer. Of course, those owners are still waiting for the first real S^3 update that was promised for early 2011, so hopefully Nokia can squeeze in the split screen text input, portrait QWERTY, and improved browser before March is done.

Nokia E6 spied again, shows off its touchy Symbian UI

We saw the Nokia E6 first leak a little over a month ago, suggesting that Nokia had plans to add a touchscreen into the portrait QWERTY formula pulled off so well in the E71... but there was a problem: the screen was off. Where's the fun in that? Now another shot of the apparently upcoming Symbian device has leaked -- this time in a darker shade -- showing an updated user interface with icons that look just big enough to comfortably fat-finger. That's all we've got for the moment, but for E71 owners still waiting for their knight in shining armor to swoop in and offer a worthy replacement, this might end up being the closest thing -- assuming, of course, it hasn't been canceled and you're still okay going with Symbian for your next phone.

Flash 10.2 beta hits Android Market on March 18th, supports Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Froyo

Contrary to reports floating about the web, the Motorola Xoom isn't getting Adobe Flash Player 10.2 today -- rather, the tablet is getting updated to support Flash, which will actually arrive in one week. Adobe now says that Flash Player 10.2 will be ready to download from the Android Market on March 18th, supporting only Honeycomb tablets (in other words, just the Xoom) to start, and will eventually be available for Android 2.2 smartphones -- again, contrary to what we'd been told, but we can't really complain on that count supporting Android 2.2 (Froyo), Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and a beta version for Android 3.0.1 (Honeycomb) at release. Froyo devices won't get the full battery-friendly Stage Video rendering pipeline and deep browser integration like their Honeycomb tablet brethren, but dual-core phones will reportedly see a performance improvement nonetheless, and there's a new tweak that'll let Flash web apps pull up a virtual keyboard if needed for full functionality. PR after the break.

Update: Adobe clarified that Flash 10.2 is, in fact, headed to all three of the most recent versions of Android on March 18th -- the Honeycomb tablet version will simply sport a beta label, and the smartphone builds will lack full functionality as described above.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Arc launched in Pakistan by!

We have already talked about Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Arc earlier. Both of there are Android Robots running the latest version of the OS, Gingerbread. This is new for Sony since normally its devices seem to be lagging behind the Android curve. Well, we have good news for the consumers of Pakistan. Both these devices have been launched by the online retailer The Arc is listen at Rs.69,990/-  while the Neo is listed at 64,990.00 rupees! The delivery status is on Pre Order - Delivery Starts 5th April 2011.


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