Dec 20, 2010

BMW uses bright lights, "SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES" to sell motorcycles (video)

BMW uses bright lights, subliminal messages to sell motorcycles (video)
The BMW S1000R is fast enough and sexy enough to sell itself, and you'd think a commercial showing World Superbike rider Ruben Xaus flogging one around the track would be quite enough to get people inclined to buy the things. Not enough for BMW. The company used the optical illusion of afterimage to temporarily imprint "BMW" onto the retinas of theater-goers. Behind the screen was a giant cut-out backed by an even bigger light (a Profoto Pro-7B, we're told). It flashed for an instant during the commercial and, while all the spectators noticed was a quick pop, when they were asked to close their eyes they saw the logo hovering in their vision. Subliminal? Possibly. Illegal? Maybe. Ingenious? Absolutely. 

Regio Smart Toilet is self-cleaning, music playing, and definitely overkill

So, this is what the future looks like: the Regio Smart Toilet by INAX combines a bidet and a self-cleaning toilet with such features as automatic flushing and deodorizing, an automatic seat and lid, and dual flush modes, with a throne-side media player that supports an SD card reader for custom audio playlists. We just hope that this comes pre-loaded with "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" by The Gap Band. Available in black or white at Crescent Supply in Lawrenceville and select retailers worldwide -- hit the source link to get one for yourself. Hit read more for a video!

YouTube moves solidly into the future by supporting 4K content

You didn't expect the High definition video spectrum to come to a halt after 1080p, did you? Say hello to 4k! Hit read more for details.


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