Dec 14, 2010

Google Parent Tech Support!

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How Google can find ways to make everyday problems vanish is anyone's guess. Here's another rabbit it's pulled out of its hat that will definitely be a blessing to many!

Comprehensive review of HTC Desire Z (with Videos)

HTC Desire Z is one of the latest pair of android devices launched by HTC under the Desire name. After the tremendous success of the HTC Desire and because of the sheer technological innovation at the time of its launch, its successors have a lot expected of them. Lets see if it lives up to the expectations. Hit read more for the full review.

US Navy test fires electromagnetic cannon

The US Navy announced a successful test Friday of an electromagnetic cannon capable of firing a projectile 110 nautical miles (200 kilometers) at five times the speed of sound. Hit read more for details.

Toshiba building new factory to churn out iPhone LCDs

Toshiba's dropping a cool 100 billion yen (around $1.2 billion in US currencies) for a new factory in the Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. Its purpose? Low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, primarily for the iPhone (no indication on which version; Apple is said to be investing in a portion of the factory, as well). Construction begins early next year and production is apparently slated to commence in the second half. 

Best Buy begins the sale of the Nexus S!

Want a Nexus S this Thursday? Best Buy has announced the details of how it'll go about selling Samsung's Google-branded monster, and unlike many recent launches, this one is strictly first-come, first-serve. All stores will be opening at 8AM local time (which is just the normal open time during the holiday season, actually), and online sales will commence at 8AM Eastern Time to coincide with the phone's retail launch on the east coast. You'll be limited to two phones per person. Every store that's selling the phone will have a live demo unit to play with while you make your decision. As a refresher, you're looking at $199 on contract, $249.99 with an add-a-line activation, or $529 contract-free.

Angry Birds nets 50 million downloads

And yet the pigs go marching on. Rovio's Angry Birds is just over a year old now, and in that time it's racked up 50 million in downloads, with 10 million of those from Android. An impressive number in its own right, and that puts it in a very elite group of gaming franchises that counts Bejeweled (50m) and Legend of Zelda (59m) among its members. (Membership includes fancy jackets and fezzes.) Our guess is that includes the iOS "Lite" version, which does downplay the milestone, but with new versions coming to PC, Mac, and the big three game consoles still on stores shelves -- as well as a sequel -- we doubt that asterisk will matter for long. Watch your  back, Tetris.


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