Jan 3, 2011

Video : Xerox shows off Smart Document Review table

Xerox shows off Smart Document Review table, a Surface that sifts through billions of docs (video)
You have a lot of documents you've acquired over the years, hundreds or thousands in some semblance of order thanks to folders and whatnot. Now, imagine taking the output from hundreds or thousands of others, all with their own ideas about organization, and finding only those pages relevant to a certain topic. That's what legal aides have to do in cases where a major corporation is being investigated, and we're thinking that's a major target market for Xerox's Smart Document Review. Hit read more for details.

Facebook Overthrows Yahoo To Become The World’s Third Largest Website

We’ve seen this one coming all year. Facebook is now the third largest website in the world, taking the No. 3 spot from Yahoo, according to comScore. Facebook drew an estimated 648 million unique visitors from across the globe in November, 2010, compared to 630 million for Yahoo. In October the two sites were dead even with 633 million worldwide unique visitors each (actually Facebook had already passed Yahoo by a smidgeon in October with about half a million more visitors). The only two Web properties left which are bigger than Facebook are Microsoft (869 million worldwide visitors) and Google (970 million) when you look at all of their sites collectively. Click red more for details.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos And Priceline CEO Jeff Boyd In Top 5 “Wealth Creators” List

Chief Executive magazine and Applied Finance Group have published their third annual ranking of CEO “wealth creators” and “wealth destroyers”.
In the former category, the list of top 5 performers includes Priceline.com CEO Jeff Boyd, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos (see full list here). Hit read more for details.


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