Oct 22, 2010

Wondering how you could cut mp3 files online? Use Cloud Computing!

So you suddenly fall in love with this song, and you absolutely need it on your phone right now as your ring tone. The only problem is that there is a long music sequence in the beginning that you wouldn't really want your ring tone to begin with. So you want to cut the mp3 but you don't have a software installed on you PC that does that. Welcome to the 21st century! In come Cloud Computing. You can simply go to this website, upload your song, cut it exactly where you want to, and download the cut file. All this without downloading or installing a software on your PC! This is one of the simplest and most helpful utility that you can find provided by vendors who are progressively shifting their business to the cloud!

What is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and how is it different from Windows Mobile?

Lets begin this article with a little history of Microsoft operating systems. As some of you would remember, just a few years ago we had devices in Pakistan from manufacturers like Imate, O2 and Acer called PDAs. These devices were usually for niche audiences and a normal mobile user rarely came across someone using these. Mostly people in business environment or tech-savvy people would be seen with these. Almost all of these used Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system which according to its User Interface was somewhat like a stripped down version of Microsoft's Windows for desktop PCs. This OS wasn't that user friendly and navigating the menus and the applications was a pain, but since this was the only OS present at that time, there was nothing people could do and they just learned to accommodate. At this time Microsoft was an absolute leader in the mobile OS space. From the year 2000 till 2010, Microsoft enjoyed a monopoly with little competition for a solid 10 years.

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