Apr 11, 2011

Nokia Sleeping Screen: soothing low power notification for Symbian

Nokia's cooked up a rather lovely and useful new app in its beta labs realm for all you lucky Symbian owners: Nokia Sleeping Screen. Now rather than simply seeing a blank sleeping device you'll be awash in useful info like message notifications, time and date, missed calls, and even a night clock mode that further dims the display while you rest your weary eyes. The display mode used isn't bright and instead of rendering the entire screen, all the icons are drawn using small circles -- which we assume further reduces the energy required -- and the app even goes to sleep while covered in a pocket or a bag. The only negative in the list is that apparently the phone can't be used as a flashlight while Sleeping Screen is running -- but we expect those enjoying the soothing cool hues won't mind that too much. Honestly, this seems like nothing but useful to us, and if Nokia's claim of not significantly impacting battery life is to be believed, may well be a must-have app.

HTC Pyramid to launch on April 12th under the name of HTC Sensation?

Now Pocket-lint has apparently confirmed those inklings, with word from an insider affirming the new Android smartphone's launch for that day and also adding that its retail name will be the HTC Sensation. HTC has already filed a claim to trademark that tandem of words, which lends an extra dash of credence to this revelation. Frankly, so long as all the mighty, EVO 3D-emulating specswe've been hearing about this device turn out to be true, we don't care if HTC calls it the Watermelon. Actual availability in stores is said to be expected "in the coming months," leaving a bit more waiting to be done whatever happens on April 12th. Ah well, they do say good things come to those who wait.

Video - GoPano Micro brings 360-degree video recording to the iPhone 4

We've seen still photos shot in the round, but wouldn't it be nice to snag some panoramic moving pictures every once in a while too? Well, the folks at EyeSee360 certainly think so, which is why they've given the iPhone 4 some 360-degree video recording capability with the GoPano Micro. Comprised of a plastic case for your handset, a detachable 360-degree lens, and a GoPano app, the system lets iPhone fanboys do a circular pan with the swipe of a finger. That put you in the moviemaking mood? Well, you can't get your hands on one just yet, but the venture has already reached its $20,000 funding goal, so those willing to invest $50 can head over to Kickstarter to reserve one of the first GoPano Micros off the production line. Before plunking down your hard-earned cash, however, check out all the full-circumference cinematic fun after the break. 

Google's new cloud-based Android Music app leaks out

Wondering what Google's answer to Amazon's cloud music player for Android will look like? Then it would seem you now have your answer --the Tech From 10 website somehow managed to receive a developer version of the Android Market, which allowed it to download Android Music 3.0 and try it out for themselves. That site's unfortunately down at the moment (along with the download of the app itself that it was providing), but it doesn't look like there's too many surprises to be found. Things are almost identical to the existing Android Music player in terms of appearance, while the settings menu has expectedly been augmented with various streaming-related options. Android Market itself has also apparently been tweaked slightly, and the developer version included a few other surprises as well, including new camera and desk clock apps. Unfortunately, we haven't yet been able to try it out ourselves, but you can keep an eye on the source link below for the downloads to return. Droid Life is also hosting some downloads of its own. You can find them here.


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