Dec 25, 2010

Apple looking to patent sharable apps, considers calling them 'seeds'

The fine folks at Patently Apple recently unearthed an Apple patent app that describes a way to transfer apps over peer-to-peer Bluetooth or shiny, star-filled WiFi. The idea goes that if a company wants to spread a program by word of mouth, it might as well make it shareable too, and so the owner of an app could transfer an "application seed" to friends and associates with a similar device. You'd pick from a menu of apps to beam over, where only those greenlit by their developer would be available to send, and your recipient would receive a trial version -- or somewhat less excitingly, a link to the App Store -- over the air. Hit read more for details.

Net Neutrality - What is this controversy all about?

One debate that in developed economies is quickly gaining pace and is getting increasingly important for the rest of the world is the debate on net neutrality. This topic will be heard increasingly over technology blogs and will spill over into the mainstream news as the end users start getting affected. The decisions made by the big internet providers of the world and the regulators will in turn effect all the internet users of the world  whether they reside in developed or underdeveloped economies (like ours) because if this ends up wrong, it has the potential to create essentially two different sides completely separate from one another. Hit read more for the complete article.


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