Jan 21, 2011

iOS 4.3 beta arrives for devs, brings AirPlay video support to apps, personal hotspot and customizable iPad side switch

We'd been disappointed to find that iOS 4.2 only brought AirPlay video support to built-in Apple appson the iPhone and iPad, but it looks like that's changing soon -- Apple just posted up the first iOS 4.3 beta, which allows devs to send video from apps or websites to an Apple TV. There's also a new beta of the Apple TV software for testing it out -- it doesn't have any version notes, so we don't know if it offers any additional features as well. Hit read more for details.


We’ve seen and heard a lot about hybrid and electrified vehicles coming from the 2011 North American International Auto Show, but I doubt anyone expected to hear news regarding the possibility of a “Prius-powered” pickup truck to be included in the mix.
But alas, it was…thanks to the ever curious Mike Levine of Pickuptrucks, speaking to Bob Carter, group VP and general manager of the Toyota division of Toyota Motor Sales USA. In fact, Carter directly addressed the possibility of yet another Prius variant to join the rapidly expanding family of hybrid vehicles coming from Toyota. Hit read more for details.

2012 HONDA CIVIC Sedan and Coupe CONCEPT

Honda is short on powertrain details, but the automaker said that “most” Civics will gain its Eco Assist system, which can modify shift points and throttle sensitivity to promote greener driving. Honda currently offers its Eco Assist buttons on its CR-Z and Insight hybrid models, but the Civic will be its first gasoline offering with the function. Hit read more for details and pictures of the two cars.

Audiovox shows off the industry's first in-car Blu-ray player, the AVDBR1

It  was inevitable, the blu-ray player has found its way into your car! Audiovox is apparently finally ready to offer one for sale with its AVDBR1, seen here skulking about the halls of CES. Due in the spring with an MSRP of $349.99, it can be installed under the seat or in a storage compartment and is even BD-Live compatible with optional WiFi upgrade, available after a firmware update arrives later this year. Hit read more for details.

Pioneer prototype laser-based heads-up display with Android (video)

Pioneer prototype laser-based heads-up display with Android hands-on
Imagine the screen of your Android smartphone project as a head-up display on your car windshield for easy viewing without taking your eyes off the road! Check out Pioneer's vision of the future, a prototype that uses an embedded laser projector (a Microvision, as it were). Right now it's just running a static demo, but the idea is that a virtual concierge (represented by our favorite mascot pops up to give you information, and you could also get streaming video from traffic cameras, all without you having to look down. The information is supposed to come via a smartphone, we learned later an Android one at that, though things are a little vague. A release date is a little vague too, sometime in 2012, though we're told the company is working with car companies. But could we get this by next year? We'll see. 

Etymotic EB1 and EB15 noise cancelling earplugs

Etymotic has developed a pair of earplugs that protect your hearing against things like loud explosions and gunfire. The EB1 and EB15 Electronic Blast PLG Earplugs, retailing for $449 and $499, respectively, are aimed toward buyers such as hunters, musicians and soldiers -- folks who are exposed to loud noises and need protection. Hit read more for details.


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