Jan 21, 2011

2012 HONDA CIVIC Sedan and Coupe CONCEPT

Honda is short on powertrain details, but the automaker said that “most” Civics will gain its Eco Assist system, which can modify shift points and throttle sensitivity to promote greener driving. Honda currently offers its Eco Assist buttons on its CR-Z and Insight hybrid models, but the Civic will be its first gasoline offering with the function. Hit read more for details and pictures of the two cars.

In addition, the automaker confirmed that a hybrid Civic will return, as well as a CNG-powered Civic GX.
Originally, the ninth generation Civic was set to debut in the Summer of 2010 as a 2011 model, but once CAFE regulations changed and the auto industry hit hard times in 2009, Honda had to rethink things. Rumors stated Honda originally wanted to make the Civic larger, but as you can see from our earlier spy photos, the overall size of the 2012 Civic will remain largely unchanged.
Following its formal debut soon, the 2012 Civic will hit Honda dealers during spring 2011.

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