Feb 4, 2011

Nokia Tipped To Announce Win Phone 7 Partnership On Feb 11th

Ever since Stephen Elop took over as CEO of Nokia speculation has been mounting that Nokia would jump onboard with a new operating system, with most of the speculation centering around Windows Phone 7. The rumors have come and gone repeatedly, but adding to the mix is a New York times article today that is suggesting an immininent announcement of a Windows Phone 7 partnership. Hit read more for details.
Mr Elop is due to give a speech to investors in London on 11th February and this is being touted as the moment where such an announcement may be made. Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi explained "I don't know if this is just wishful thiking, but it could definitely be the big announcement we are expecting".

Nokia's share price has been rising for four days, climbing 1.5% on Thursday to $11.20, and the speculation that there could be some sort of strategic announcement seems to be adding fuel to the fire. Nokia has been close mouthed towards analysts when it comes to the 11th February event, an indication perhaps that something big is brewing. Mr Elop himself had made some suggestive comments back at the end of January when he suggested that Nokia was considering joining other 'ecosystems'.

A partnership between Nokia and Microsoft would certainly seem like a good match with both companies seeking to re-establish themselves in the smartphone market. Before anyone gets too excited though remember that this is still speculation at this stage. We will just have to wait and see, and hope 

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