Apr 12, 2011

Gordon Brown Blocked Steve Jobs' Knighthood

Reports are circulating that Steve Jobs was in line to receive a knighthood back in 2009, but that the honour was blocked by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The knighthood would have been an honourary one and Jobs would not have been able to use the title 'Sir Steve Jobs' because he is an American. Only British subjects and other subjects of Her Majesty the Queen e.g. Canadians, Jamaicans, Australians, etc can receive a full knighthood and use the title.

The knighthood was allegedly blocked because Jobs declined to appear at a Labour Party conference in 2009. Apple were seemingly aware of the intent to confer the honour, but comment was declined by the former Prime Minister's office other than to say that the former Prime Minsiter did not block the knighthood.

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