Feb 17, 2011

Video: Awkward Multi-touch Gestures Coming To iPhone?

With multi-touch gestures for multitasking making their way to the iPad in iOS update 4.3 what is definitely more surpising is that they also seem to be making their way to the iPhone.
We say surprising because some of the gestures just don't seem to fit with the iPhone, quite literally in some cases. For example, a four finger swipe on the iPad is a pretty straightforward gesture and you have plenty of screen real estate to do it in. Move that gesture to the iPhone though and you are operating with far less screen space so the gesture becomes, well awkward really.

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BGR got their hands on some slides that indicate these gestures are being tested out on the iPhone internally within Apple so there would definitely seem to be some traction on bringing these gestures to the device. Hopefully the testing shows just how awakward these movements will be on a phone though.
You can see for yourself in the video below:
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