Feb 17, 2011

Google AdMob Results Released

Google have been releasing some data on mobile advertising, with some surprising results.
The data comes from AdMob, a Google acquisition from last year, and which Google revealed serves 2 billion ad requests per day. Now where this gets interesting is where these ad requests are coming from. Take Western Europe, for example; despite being one of the most advanced and developed smartphone markets on Earth it is responsible for just 15% of these ad requests. North America, another developed market, however, is requesting some 43% of those ads. Asia isn't too far behind with 33% of requests.
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The rest of the world barely egisters, scraping just 2-3% for places like Latin America or Africa. In Western Europe the UK is leading the pack with 33% of ad requests for the region. The top 10 countries in Western Europe all saw ad growth of more than 400% in 2010. In Asia South Korea requests 13% and Japan 12%. Both South Korea and Japan, and China, have seen growth rates for advertising in excess of 1000% during 2010.
The really interesting part is why there is such bias towards North America in the results. With income levels and smartphone usage prevalent throughout both North America and Western Europe one would imagine the share to be a bit closer. Is it a more materialistic culture at work? Is it a cultural thing? Either way with growth rates showing as high as they do it looks like the disparity might become a good bit smaller when the next set of results come out.

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