Feb 17, 2011

HTC Files For Trademark For 'Sensation', New Tablet UI?

A trademark filing in Europe has tongues wagging that HTC is planning a new UI skin for its upcoming Android tablet(s).
The filing is for the trademark 'Sensation', which, being similar to 'Sense', HTC's current Android UI for smartphones has some thinking that we are looking at the genesis of a new tablet UI. It would certainly make sense for them to implement a new UI for tablets given the different screen sizes and features that a tablet will bring over a smartphone. Hit read more for details.

Of course the filing could be for a name for a new handset too and the filing lists the following as being the target of the name being registered:

Mobile phones, smartphones, wireless phones, wireless devices, portable computers and personal digital assistants, computer hardware and software for mobile, portable and wireless devices; user interface software; computer hardware and software for user interfacing, telecommunications and telecommunications services; computer hardware and software for transmitting and receiving voice, image, data, audio, video and multimedia content; wireless modems; headsets, headsets with wireless transmission function, connection cables, cradles, mounts, face plates, batteries, power adaptors, chargers, cases, in-vehicle chargers, in-vehicle holders, remote controls, keyboards, microphones, loudspeakers, leather pouches for mobile phonesAn Android tablet is definitely in the works and now we perhaps have another little piece of it here.

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