Feb 3, 2011


Toyota is billing the Prius c Concept as a “small city-centric hybrid vehicle,” which is to say it will be a bit smaller than the current Prius hatchback, likely aimed at a slightly younger demographic. As a result, expect the price and feature list to me lower and shorter than its big brother. Hit read more for details.
Without saying it, it is clear that the Prius c Concept will eventually do battle with the likes of the Honda Insight once it reaches production form. Toyota hopes to “appeal to young singles and couples who want an eco-sensitive, high-mileage, fun-to-drive Prius.”
While this vehicle is clearly a concept with its outlandish interior and not-so-production like lines, make no mistake, the Prius c Concept is the inspiration for an additional Prius family member that will come to market in the first half of 2012. Toyota believes that the production form of the c Concept will provide one of the most compelling arguments for buyers looking for a strong blend of valuer and fuel efficiency.
Toyota did not specify details regarding the powertrain or fuel economy figures, but expect a slightly smaller engine than the 1.8-liter currently found in the Prius.

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