Feb 3, 2011

Splashtop Remote Desktop adds Android compatibility, Control your Windows PC from anywhere in the world!

We aren't quite sure we're on the same page as Splashtop's CEO, who is seemingly on a mission to "build the Bridge to Anywhere," but we're all for a remote access client for Google's mobile OS. Shortly after bringing your Windows PC to the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the aforementioned company has now issued an Android client. As you'd probably guess, it allows anyone with an Android-based smartphone or tablet to tap into their networked Windows PC, with content and applications both accessible. According to the company, it'll allow Android users to "listen to music, access all of their files and applications, and play PC and Flash games remotely." We're a little hesitent to believe all that will be doable on some of the lower-end handsets, but at least it's out there to try (if you're willing to part ways with $4.99).

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