Feb 3, 2011

CEO Ballmer: Microsoft will eventually support Kinect on PC

Most of our readers would surely know a thing or two about Kinect by now but if you have been sleeping under a rock for the last few years, heres a little gist. Kinect is Microsoft's Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move killer. It is basically a controller free interface for gaming in which it looks at your moves and actions and instructs the game to perform accordingly. Now that Kinect competitors have begun to spring up, Microsoft's tipped its hand -- CEO Steve Ballmer told the BBC that his company will officially support the depth camera in Windows PCs at some undisclosed point in the future, confirming earlier suspicions. Whether that will just be part of a riskynew operating system or just another notch in Games for Windows' belt is hard to say, but it's nice to know that there will be uses for those eight million cameras when we're done hacking and dancing our hearts out.

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