Jun 21, 2011

Ovi Store follows the pack with integrated app updates, charms us with refined algorithms

Sure, the Ovi Store may be getting a name change, but this week Symbian^3 users will get an upgrade to the familiar storefront complete with application updates and more relevant suggestions. After signing in, the client queries Nokia's servers and then notifies users of relevant new versions with a green flag inside the account button. It's certainly not revolutionary, but it's nice to get a feature that's otherwise taken for granted. Additionally, the S^3 crowd will be treated to Top Free and Best Sellers lists that are specific to their device and locale. For example, if E72 owners are especially fond of reeling in Fishing: Off the Hook, these downloads won't affect the results for N8 handsets. The same logic is applied to application suggestions, where Ovi Store provides recommendations based on the habits of similarly situated users. In other words, it looks like we'll soon learn who loves Angry Birds most of all. Any takers?

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