Jun 21, 2011

Nokia Looses Number 1 Smartphone Spot In W. Europe

Back at the beginning of last year Nokia held 40.6% of the Western European smartphone market. A year later that has tumbled to 19.6%. Apple, by comparison holds a 20.8% share in the same region. Interestingly enough though Apple also saw their market share decline from last year where it stood at 24.6%, but the decline wasn't as marked as that of Nokia.
It's not just Apple Nokia needs to worry about though. RIM is sitting on 16.5% at the moment, not all that far behind Nokia, but crucially RIM has seen their share drop from 19.6% last year. HTC, on the other hand, have seen their market share climb from 7.8% last year to 16.5% this year and as a consequence are now in a position to challenge Nokia's reduced market share (as well as RIM it has to be said).
Of course all of this comes before Nokia has released its first Windows Phone smartphone. How well such a device(s) will be received will be key to reversing these sort of declines for Nokia.

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