May 27, 2011


Mitsubishi has debuted a new compact concept car at March’s Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small, a road-going version of the show car will be built from 2012.
Created on the philosophies of “compact”, “affordability”, and “high fuel efficiency”, the Concept Global Small took to the Geneva stage before eventually making it to production status in 2012. The production version of the concept will be built at Mitsubishi’s Thailand plant.
Despite its small footprint, Mitsubishi says the Concept Global Small offers comfortable seating for five adults. The concept is also highly maneuverable, making it ideal for congested city streets. Hit read more for details and pictures.
The production version of the car will be offered with engines ranging in size from 1.0L to 1.2L. No fuel economy figures were given, but with features like regenerative breaking, light-weight materials and new CVT gearbox, the small car promises excellent fuel economy.
It may be tagged as a global small car, but don’t expect the production version of the five-door to land on our shores any time soon.

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