May 26, 2011

Microsoft outlines new enterprise features coming to Windows Phone 'Mango'

When Microsoft takes the stage May 24th to preview the next release of Windows Phone, will there be any surprises left for the peanut gallery? In the last week we've seen numerous features announced orleaked, an awfully big coincidence given the timing of next week's event. More cats were let out of their bags today at Microsoft's annual TechEd conference keynote, as several enterprise-related capabilities were shown off that both companies and consumers have sorely missed on their phones.

First up are pinnable email folders, giving users the opportunity to pin a specific folder of higher priority -- such as emails from your boss or wife -- to your start screen. Toss in email threads complete with conversation view, and now Mango is looking even more drool-worthy. But there's more, folks: Exchange users frustrated by online having access to recent correspondence can look forward to server search -- a new function that'll enable you to sift through your entire email collection if need be. Rounding out the grocery list of new updates is Lync support, complex alpha-numeric passcodes for higher security, Information Rights Management support, and -- hallelujah -- the ability to connect to hidden WiFi networks natively. About time, right? Take a peek at the full breakdown of the new features at the source link.

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