Mar 18, 2011

Samsung Romania likes March 20th for Galaxy S Gingerbread update

Android 2.3 update is looking more real -- and more imminent -- than ever thanks to a Facebook post from Samsung Mobile's Romanian team a few days ago. Basically, it's sounding like the Froyo update will be online until the 20th of this month, at which point the Gingerbread update will start rolling out from the 20th until the end of March... which could ironically stand to make the Galaxy S one of the first non-Google devices to get an official Gingerbread update anywhere in the world. No word on how this timeline corresponds to dates for other countries and SKUs, but it's a good sign regardless.

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1 comment:

  1. 2.2.1 till 20, 2.3 by the end of the month.... according to the announcement.



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