Mar 21, 2011

Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility

How many of our readers have just switched over form Nokia to Android and are saddened by all the saved messages that will go away with the old phone. You don't need to worry now. We have here a step by step guide to help you transfer those messages from your Nokia to your Android. Please let us know how it went and ask us any questions in the comments section below if you need further help. Good luck!


Nokia2AndroidSMS is a small application that allows you to convert SMS messages from Nokia Ovi datafiles into an xml file supported by SMS Backup & Restore Android application.
Process for transferring SMS messages to your new Android Phone is the following.
Nokia phone side:
  1. Install Nokia OVI, (You don’t need the OVI account!)
  2. synchronize messages from your phone with OVI
  3. Disconnect your Nokia Phone and close the Nokia OVI application. WATCH OUT. Noia OVI likes to minimize to system tray please be sure you really closed the application
Hit read more for further instructions.
  1. Download Nokia2AndroidSMS and extract it to any directory.
  2. Run Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe
  3. The application should automatically find all datastores created by Nokia OVI and automatically select the 1st one.
  4. If it should fail to detect datastores you’ll have to find it by yourself, you can either drag and drop datastore file from Windows Explorer onto the Nokia2AndroidSMS window or use the Open button to find it.
  5. You can change the datastore in the 1st selection list if there is more than one
  6. If you have more than one phone in the datastore than you can select for which you’d like to export the messages, they are listed by their IMEI number.
  7. Press Convert button and you should get an xml file in the same folder you extracted Nokia2AndroidSMS to
  8. WATCH OUT: If you get: “Failed to load DLL library. System error number was 126.“ Antivirus probably prevented proper extraction of archive, so you need to extract it again and/or disable antivirus when extracting. The most problematic AV software found was Bitdefender.
  1. Install SMS Backup & Restore
  2. Connect the phone onto the PC (You MUST select Disk drive as connection type)
  3. Copy the xml file into the SMSBackupRestore Folder on the phone, create it if it’s not already there
  4. Run SMS Backup & Restore and import messages.



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  1. i think im probably the first comment and this method didnt work for me. when i pressed convert,it gave me this dialogue box.

    No message exported.Did u forget to synchronize your phone messages with ovi?

    I did not know what went wrong as i followed it step by step and i am sure that i have did everything correctly. i have also checked if i synched it. and in the nokia sync log,there was a record of me synching it. Please give help :(

  2. have you synced ur messages with nokia's online ovi store first?

  3. Hi HB, I'm also having the same problem and I've tried with two different PCs. I'm not sure if I understand you about syncing with Nokia's Online Ovi Store. I downloaded and installed Ovi Suite on both PCs. It's not enough? Can you kindly specify? Thanks!

  4. @HB , yeah i have done it, but the synching took less then 2 seconds but i have over 3000 messages in my nokia device.

  5. hi there...i got the same problem here!!!im pretty sure that i synced my mobile from ovi!but i get the same dialog box as the one above.
    btw just to i need to keep my ovi updated for this as i cannot update my ovi i don't know why!

  6. Same problem here

  7. on my laptop. the screenshot as shown in the blog appears; but further nothing happens if i claick on 'Convert' option. i have synced sms and contact in ovi. now i want to transfer it to my android.

  8. bullshit... copied from a source which didn´t work either

  9. You need to download specifically Nokia Ovi Suite v2.1. No latest version will work

  10. I've done everything just as the instructions say, and the Nokia2AndroidSMS doesn't do anything.



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