Mar 21, 2011

GM halts production at Louisiana plant due to Japanese parts shortage

General Motors says that its Shreveport, Louisiana, truck assembly plant will be closed next week because of a parts shortage directly tied to the massive 9.0-scale earthquake that ravaged Northern Japan last week. The automaker has not specified what parts come from Japan for vehicles produced at its Shreveport assembly plant, although transmission components and electrical parts are often sourced from the country.

The Shreveport plant currently builds GM’s smaller pickups, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. It previously built the Hummer H3. GM has slated the plant for closure next year, although a recent announcement suggests that the automaker has not given up hope on a sub-Chevrolet Silverado pickup for North America could potentially change things. Hit read more for details.
GM says that none of its other North American assembly plants have been directly affected by the earthquake, although the automaker acknowledged that it is closely watching parts supplies.
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