Feb 19, 2011

VZ Navigator Version X breaks cover, adds 'virtual city' maps, social features, and more

Paying a monthly fee -- or any fee, for that matter -- for turn-by-turn navigation on Android devices has felt pretty unpalatable ever since Google Maps Navigation happened, but Verizon's still trying to make things interesting with the latest version of its VZ Navigator product. A quick feature rundown of its new "Version X" is up on YouTube right now, and we'll admit, we're a little intrigued by some of this stuff: realistic 3D buildings in major cities (unlike the nondescript boxes in Google Maps, we imagine), some form of dead reckoning capability for those times that you don't have GPS reception, satellite maps, overhead street signs, social integration for letting folks know where you are, and a whole bunch of views for customizing the experience. We're assuming service is the same $9.99 a month that Big Red charges currently, but there'll also be a free version -- VZ Navigator Maps -- that dispenses of some of the crazier features. We're hearing this might be officially announced in a few hours, so more details will presumably be in tow; in the meantime, follow the break for the teaser video.

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