Feb 19, 2011

Facebook For Android Gets Location Based Ads

Facebook for Android has another update available and this time it's bringing you location based deals.
It's pretty simple really; you check-in with Facebook Places, which was rolled out in a December update, and if any local business has an offer for you it shows up with a yellow icon next to its name. Hit read more for details.
Granted that this isn't exactly a new concept, FourSquare having been dipping its toe in the water, for example, but Facebook has something a lot of other companies don't ... half a billion users. Hence this latest push at location based advertising could be the one that really sees it being popularised even if it's through sheer weight of numbers rather than finesse.
Of course it all depends upon how useful the deals are, if they're none too exciting this could fizzle out before it starts, but either way if you want to go check it out for yourself just head on over to the Market on your Android handset and try it out.

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