Feb 13, 2011

HP Introduces The TouchPad

It's running a previously unseed webOS 3.0 build and is just a smidgen smaller than the iPad, sporting a 9.7 inch display. It's just over one and a half pounds in weight and measures just under 14mm thick.
In terms of the actual specifications we're looking at a 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB (or 32 GB) of internal storage and all the usual wireless connectivity options. The initial version will support WiFi only, but 3G and 4G versions will be released later.
The demo of the TouchPad in action really presented it in a good light, full screen Flash video played back smoothly and webpages rendered about as well as they would on the desktop. The interface looked to really flow with things like notifications being unobtrusive whilst access to services like Twitter and Facebook was pretty effortless.
The real killer here though is the interplay between the TouchPad and the Pre 3. The TouchPad can handle calls, video calls (yes it has a front facing camera) and text messages when you aren't using your Pre 3. The interaction was extremely fluid and the ability to transfer content from one to the other (called 'Touch-to-Share') e.g. the webpage you are currently viewing looks, for lack of a better word, breathtaking.
There are other tablets out there of course, but ever since the iPad this is really the first tablet I've heard about that really feels like it's bring a new game to town. HP have really raised the bar with this one. Hit read more for a spectacular video!

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