Jul 6, 2011

Nokia Takes Credit For Rise In Windows Phone Apps

It was recently announced that Windows Phone had amassed 25,000 apps in its app store. A big achievement for the nascent platform to be sure and Microsoft can be justly proud of that. However, someone else is taking the credit for the jump in app numbers ... and that someone is Nokia.

Yes, the manufacturer that doesn't actually have a Windows Phone device for sale, is taking the credit for the upswing in Windows Phone apps. Is it justified though? Well in the words of Marco Argenti, Nokia's senior vice president of developer and marketplace, "After we announced our partnership with Microsoft, the amount of apps coming in to the marketplace has actually gone up quite a bit, has almost tripled".

Certainly the prospect of having Nokia onboard won't be hurting the appeal of Windows Phone in terms of attracting developers and even without a device ready for market Nokia's power in the market must still be seductive for some as Argenti alluded to "So we've seen this inflection point very clearly that even without launching a device because they [developers] see greater opportunities [to] come".

It's also worth pointing out that Nokia have been keen to get their army of Symbian devs moving across to their newly embraced platform. Nokia is telling them that local success can be had with the new platform, but also there is of course this vast global audience that both Microsoft and Nokia can reach out to. Argenti says as much himself "... embrace the Windows [Phone] platform because we're going to bring it to all these markets that we will launch the device in".

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