Jun 20, 2011

Angry Birds Still Being Downloaded 1 Million A Day

We've not heard much from Angry Birds of late, certainly not as much as we used to hear when Angry Birds mania was careering along at full tilt. Well in order to rectify that Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle himself, gave a talk at the Mobile 2.0 Europe - openIDEAS event this week.

During the talk Vesterbacka mentioned that Angry Birds is being downloaded a whopping 1 million times per day. Now you may remember that late last year Rovio made the claim that the Android version of the game had notched up an impressive 2 million downloads in two days. That means that the same trend has continued for more than 8 months! That is an incredibly impressive track record in anyone's book.

The success of Angry Birds was attributed to 'strong branding' by Vesterbacka, but to be blunt it seems far more likely that the game's continued popularity and success are more to do with the seemingly constant updates it receives. Oh and the fact that it's available for just about every device on the planet from your iPhone to your Glaxy S to your toaster (well maybe not that last one, but why ever not?!).

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