May 29, 2011

Toyota reveals “Toyota Friend” social media network

In recent years many automakers have gone to extremes to deliver information via creative avenues of existing social media platforms, but now Toyota has taken things to an entirely new level by co-creating its very own social media network: Toyota Friend.

Toyota Friend is largely the result of a collaboration between automaker Toyota and customer relation software (CRM) software developer Salesforce. The unlikely duo have formed a strategic alliance to build Toyota Friend, which will act as a private social network for Toyota customers and their cars.

The new service will be gradually rolled out, first in Toyota’s domestic market of Japan only in 2012 and only for owners of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. These customers will then be able to network amongst themselves, as well as with their cars, the dealership and Toyota. Hit read more for details.

Toyota says that customers will also be able to extend their communication to family, friends and even onto existing social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter. There are also planned mobile versions of the program to run on mobile phones and similar devices.

Examples of the integration include having Toyota Friend automatically alert the driver with a personal message if their battery runs low.

As part of the joint effort Toyota will be investing 442 million yen, while Salesforce will invest 223 million yen. Of course, Toyota has already announced a partnership with Microsoft for its global cloud-based platform development, which means Microsoft will be getting in on the action as well with a 335 million yen investment.

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